Friday, June 27, 2008

I am on the GO GO GO!

Sorry for not postin gin a while.... Okay so for the past 4 weeks life has been really CRAZY i mean CRAZY... So 3 weeks ago we get a call from my aunt down in Arizona saying my uncle in the hospital and they think he had a stroke, come 2 find out he did have a stroke but on top of that he had a blood clot in his brain.. So my grandma dives up to mesa, Arizona to be with them... 1 week later we get another call saying my aunt is in the hospital.... they didn't know what was wrong with her... so we get a call later saying that her kidney's have failed and that they have her on a machine and that if they take her off she will die.. so getting that news and my mom going to the hospital pushed me over the edge i have been on the go non stop and i have had no time to really sit down n think this out. So i have been on the go for the last 4 weeks and cant handle anymore..... I am ready for A VACATION!!!!!! So i cant wait to get ONE!!!!!

Samantha Zepeda