Friday, June 27, 2008

6:30 and at the emergency room!!!

Okay so I get woken up by, my mom who is screaming my name and is on the floor in the bathroom. Not knowing what to do i asked "mom what do you want me to do?" her reply" call your dad" so after talking to my dad and him coming home from work at 7 o'clock in the morning, is very weird. So as any loving daughter would I get my lil bro up and tell him 2 get dressed we have to take mom to the ER. Us 3 kids waiting for my dad 2 get home we get my mom off the bathroom floor and to the couch.My dad finally get home around 7:30ish and we are off to the er.. Little did we know that the pain in my mom's stomach would worsen.As we get to the er we all are freaked out. And wondering what in the world could it be? Well we wait at the ER until 11:30 and my mom comes out with a NASTY VIRUS.... i am TIRED and wanting to go t bed but i have to watch my mother as any loving daughter would do... so hope i don't catch it!!!!!