Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Are Factual

You are highly intelligent, especially in areas that deal with concrete knowledge and facts.

You are amazingly analytical. You can make sense of chaos without involving your emotions.

If anything, you tend to be overly logical. It's sometimes hard for you to come to a decision, because you're too busy weighing all the options.

People turn to you in times of trouble. They know that they can trust you to give good, well thought out advice.


You Are Ready to Get Married

You've done more than dream about the dress and the honeymoon

In fact, you spend a good deal of your time thinking about what makes a relationship work

And from your answers, it looks like you have the skills to say "I Do" and mean it

You've dated enough, learned your fair share, and you're ready to settle down.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

K8 and I and TTCM

So this is K8 and I at TTCM on Friday night.. K8 and I sat by each other and we were just having our own party there, Im serious!! So she totally convinced me to come n see her in 11 days.. YAY!!! WE are going to have a FABOULOUS WEEK :).. I miss n love ya K8!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Requirements for UC Davis School of Medicine

  • English: 1 year (Courses in Comparative Literature and/or Classics will fulfill the English requirement.)
  • Biological Sciences, lower division (with lab): 1 year
  • Biological Sciences, upper division (lab not required): 1/2 year*
  • General Chemistry (with lab): 1 year
  • Organic Chemistry (with lab): 1 year
    (If two or more undergraduate courses are offered, the more rigorous option is recommended)
  • Physics (with lab): 1 year
  • Mathematics (college-level math): 1 year
    (College-level statistics fulfills a portion of the requirement.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The difference between rights and responsibilities for American Citizens

The difference between rights and responsibilities. Rights are given to people to protect their basic freedoms, whereas responsibility is given to those in charge to uphold those rights. For instance, it is a right to have freedom of speech, and it is the responsibility of this government, namely the judicial branch, to uphold that right. Responsibilities as an American citizen are, being informed about the government and knowing your rights in order to preserve them, participating in government, respecting others, respecting diversity, obeying laws, paying taxes, serving in court, attending school. Your rights as American citizen are, freedom of speech, religion, press, petition and assembly, right to bear arms and milita, quartering soldiers, warrants and arrests. You take on responsibilities in exchange for the rights you get. For instances, Your right to a fair trial gives you the power to call witnesses to help you win your case. Your responsibility, in return, as a witness is telling what you know in order to help the accused win or lose their case. You have the right to equal opportunity in getting a job. Therefore, companies have the responsibility to give you an equal opportunity to get job. Your right to vote gives you the power to be part of the government and help make its decisions. It also give you the responsibility to follow government decisions once they are made.

In conclusion the difference between rights and responsibilities. Rights are given to people to protect their basic freedoms, whereas responsibility is given to those in charge to uphold those rights. You take on responsibilities in exchange for the rights you get.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picture from No Limits '09'

Buddies at Sky High( I wasn't ready so i look like junk)
Yvonne and I

this is for jere cause he just loves making me look ugh lol
Jere n I making silly faces
Yvonne n Jere =)
This little boy(from canada) was showing how to play his PSP

Yvonne Sarah and I on Friday night
Me at Chevy's(had to put it up for jere lol)
Caleb from Canada

I will post more when i get them =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Got Really Bored

Monday, January 19, 2009

God is bringing them back one by one

Well last night Bro. Marks preached and AWESOME service. This picture is of my grandma and my bro and me and my sis.. Last night my grandma came to church, I didn't know that she was there at all until the altar call. I seen my family in the back praying for someone and i knew it had to be one of our family members but didn't know which one. As I got closer I seen it was my grandma.. As soon as I seen her I lost it.. started crying uncontrollable..And thanking God.. Since I have been in church my whole life, I have never once seen my Grandma in a church service. So last night my Grandma prayed threw and I give thanks to God.. He is AWESOME!! Can't wait to see who else he's going to brings back during this REVIVAL!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well we are in revival and I believe that God is going and is doing the miraculous. I believe God is going to change things for the good. As of December 2, I became an adult and looking back on thing now; I wish I had done something things differently. I remember being like broken glass and always having to be out back together or renewed. That's how I felt when I was at church all the time. Always being renewed... I felt horrible that people always where trying to help me and all I did was basically ignore them. I remember at No Limits 08" when Bro. Booker had preached I remembered being in the altar and him coming to me and him telling and asking me "Your an over comer... do you believe that?'' and i replied back "Yes I do"... he said then raise your hands and receive it"... I can remember after that night my whole thought on life was changed. I may have hurt some people on the way by slowly braking them off from what would be called a friendship and focusing on what was in front of me and what was the most important thing in my life at that point and time, I had tried my hardest and didn't listen to people tell me that I wasn't going to make it. But I can just square my shoulders and let God help me through that. I can say I am a better person today then I have ever been in life. During a period in my life I felt like God had abandoned me, but as the days approached to December 2, 2008. I realized that God hadn't left my side he was with me the whole way just helping me through each open door he opened in my life. After I turned the BIG 18, I seen people for who they really were and I could no longer deal with things as a child, but as a adult, I could no longer think like a child, but think as a adult. So I put a stop to everything and looked at what God had done. When I found out that we were going to be in Revival with Bro. Marks, I can remember me saying to myself is that, I'm going to be changed and there are times that his messages are going to be directly to me and if I have to be the first person in the altar that's find cause I want God to do his will in my life. As a lot of you know, I ended up in the hospital the night of the foot washing service. I was so terrified to be there because I had not been in like 2 years to the ER. As I lay in the hospital bed I remember saying to myself this must be a test to see what I am going to do?? As I got home I remember lying in my bed just saying God you aren't going to give me too much to handle... And feel asleep singing "Lord whatever you’re doing in this season don't do it without me...” So I Thank God for his MERCY and GRACE EACH MORNING!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A day with yvonne and amito :)