Sunday, August 24, 2008

Santa Cruz


KAIT said...

hah i went on the ride! n u no how the "little" person goes on the inside.... yah they put me there! >:-p and we started goin... n my bro was like super squished! LOL so i was ok with bn the "lil 1" haha

Cynthia Anderson said...

Sammy, This was so much fun. Next time we need sissy there. I love you very much!!!!

Sammy Raquel said...

yes mom nxt time sissy needs 2 go... 2 bad she cant go with us 2 NY!!!!I Love You Tons!!!


♥LoRnA's CrAzY mOmEnTs♥ said...

that looked scary!! My word im kinda scared of heights and kinda not.haha!!