Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picture from No Limits '09'

Buddies at Sky High( I wasn't ready so i look like junk)
Yvonne and I

this is for jere cause he just loves making me look ugh lol
Jere n I making silly faces
Yvonne n Jere =)
This little boy(from canada) was showing how to play his PSP

Yvonne Sarah and I on Friday night
Me at Chevy's(had to put it up for jere lol)
Caleb from Canada

I will post more when i get them =)


Anonymous said...

do u lik jere lol

Anonymous said...

from Canada?? It's not a city you know?

Sammy Raquel said...

ok so anonymous #1- no i dnt like him..hes dating my friend...and hes just a friend.


anonymous #2- i know where canada is... and i know that it isnt a city...

KAIT said...

LOL! ahhh anonymous....they all make me laugh lol i loved ur outfit fri night!

Sammy Raquel said...

haha tell me bout it. lol... aww thanks K8..