Monday, January 19, 2009

God is bringing them back one by one

Well last night Bro. Marks preached and AWESOME service. This picture is of my grandma and my bro and me and my sis.. Last night my grandma came to church, I didn't know that she was there at all until the altar call. I seen my family in the back praying for someone and i knew it had to be one of our family members but didn't know which one. As I got closer I seen it was my grandma.. As soon as I seen her I lost it.. started crying uncontrollable..And thanking God.. Since I have been in church my whole life, I have never once seen my Grandma in a church service. So last night my Grandma prayed threw and I give thanks to God.. He is AWESOME!! Can't wait to see who else he's going to brings back during this REVIVAL!!


James Wilder said...

more to come... thank you, Jesus!