Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Thought for today!

Today was a GOOD day! LONG N TRYING BUT GOOD! today I got up at 7:30 I never get up that early! but today I was not feeling really good and my mom had a doctors appointment n we had to go with her and we went with her to her doctor's and then left and went to my grandparents and then came home n then did what I usually do have my NOSE in my BOOKS and then went off to school and I talked 2 my English teacher and he helped me write a letter to a editor and then I took my BIOLOGY test and I passed with flying colors and I was talking to my mom on the way home from school and I was saying that really weird that I LOVE BIOLOGY and I pass all my test with flying colors, so why not major in Biotechnology? So I have came down to my choices in my majors either major in being a DOCTOR or major in BIOTECHNOLOGY. So next summer I will be attending Sacramento City College and I will be taking classes to major in BIOTECHNOLOGY and major in being a CERTIFIED NURSE :) IM REALLY EXCITED! SO U MAY NOT SEE ME AS MUCH HANG OUT WITH FREINDS OR AT THE MALL, I WILL BE AT HOME IN THE BOOKS!


James Wilder said...

"being a DOCTOR or major in BIOTECHNOLOGY."

What does one who majors in Biotechnology do for a career? Have you researched it? You might like it even more.

Glad to see you keep your eyes on bigger things in front of you!

Sammy said...

major in both of them silly!