Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Thoughts

You have Parents, You have friends, but you also have Mentors in your life as a Young Person,

You have goal, and you have dreams, but you can only fufill them if you put your mind to it,

You have a life, you have power, but why dont you put it to good use? Young people today dont relieze how easy we have it compared to the way our parents were raised.. why do we always need more then we can handle in life? cause we are kids, but cant we just understand that we need MENTORS!!!


James D. Wilder said...

This is so funny after what I told you tonight (I hadn't previously read this blog).

Mentors... use them. We all need them. These are wise words, Sammy. Love you dearly!

Emily Wilder said...

Sammy, I love you bunches! I promise we will go thrifting soon! Proud of you! Love your new blog too!

Sammy said...

thanks uncle james and aunt em you guys are AWESOME! Yes we will have 2 get together soon!!! I love you guys so much!!!!