Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tuesday night Bro. Young preached a GOOOOOOD service from the book of RUTH it was AWESOME! Every girls loves the book of Ruth. She's a GODLY example of how girls want to be and that they are all wondering were their BOAZ is and we want him to come when GOD sends him to US! AND know WE ALL ARE WAITING FOR THE RIGHT ONE AND WE WILL WAIT UNTIL GOD SENDS THEM! I LOVE THE BOOK OF RUTH!


James Wilder said...

haha and here I thought the Book of Ruth was a type of the Messianic Christ, who was our kinsman Redeemer, even when we should have been cut off, but are now the Bride of Christ. Man...I was wrong all this time :)-

Actually...I think your literal interpretation is right on too, Ms. Sammy!

Sammy said...

how do i ahve such a sweet uncle like u!! your AWESOME idk wat i would do without u! your BEING A GREAT EXAMPLE! i love you soooo much!

Jeska said...

Hey Sammy!!!!!!! check out my blog i jst made one. This blog place kinda helps because u get so addicted to the other Mys that when u delete em u get tempted to make a new one but not 4 me anymore!!!! Gods Great Sam!!!!!!!

love ya grl

Bekah! said...

Sammers! I miss you! :(